Gin Club (Mercado de la Reina)


This is a good place to hole up when it’s super hot or super cold or actually any time you just fancy dousing yourself in mother's ruin.

This was one of the pioneers of the gin boom in Madrid. Located right on Gran Via, it may now be considered a bit touristy as so many people know about it, but it has attracted attention for all the right reasons.

Part of slick and modern Mercado de la Reina restaurant, you can fuel up with some delicious tapas and cañas in the afternoon or wine and traditional Spanish cuisine for dinner, before heading to the Gin Club in the basement. They have an extensive list of reasonably priced gins, dressing up their G&Ts with interesting ingredients and garnishes like coriander seeds, juniper berries, or our favourite so far, rosemary.

The music is a bit commercial, but hey, what’s wrong with some Beyoncé? We worked our way through their menu, before picking up five cute Swiss guys after offering our services as a Madrid bar guide…well, it’s our job after all.



Calle Reina, 16, 28013 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 915 21 31 98


Sunday 13:30 - 02:00
Monday 13:30 - 02:00
Tuesday 13:30 - 02:00
Wednesday 13:30 - 02:00
Thursday 13:30 - 02:00
Friday 13:30 - 02:30
Saturday 13:30 - 02:30



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