Milk & Honey has been the quintessentially classic members’ speakeasy for over a decade. They’ve changed their tune slightly recently, leaving behind their tiny LES home for a larger midtown space, and ditching their uber strict members-only mentality, which we thoroughly approve of. Don’t go thinking they’ve let their standards slip an inch though.

With no menu to speak of, the expert bartenders invite you to trust them. Tell them what you like, what you’re craving, what you don’t like, what you’ve liked in the past. And like an alcoholic fortune teller, they’ll create the perfect concoction to suit you, sir. No, they won’t make you a Mojito. No, they don’t have JD. And it’s best not to ask. They do have talent aplenty.

The new location is just as hard to find as the last. From the outside, it looks like it’s abandoned or under construction. From the inside however, it’s all glamour and grace, with Art Deco touches and low lighting. The old rules still apply: no name-dropping, no star f*cking, and a man cannot talk to a lady he doesn’t know without being introduced.



30 East 23rd St, New York, 10010 Tel: +1 212 625 3397


Mon - Sun: 6pm - 3am


The Cocktail Trading Company, London

Dante, NYC

Chinchilla, Cape Town