If you're living that Mykonos life, you need this Old Town hot spot.

BarChick is all about those Golden sunsets, white buildings and endless blue skies, and we've found a spot in Mykonos Old Town's Little Venice that pairs a view of it all with drinks that'll have you cancelling your flight home quicker than you can say Banana Daiquiri...

If you looking for casual drinking and greek dining, pull up a table under the cabana'd roof downstairs and chill with a few cold ones and a bowl of tzatziki. It's chill down here, but if you want the view that's gonna rack up them Insta' likes, head up the narrow stairs at the back of the courtyard. This is the real Galleraki. It's been here for 30 years, run by Damianos who will make sure you have a wicked time in his bar. Photos of Elvis line the walls, an old vinyl record juke-box packed with retro singles is in the corner and there's plenty of space to dance when the night sets in. But first you're going to want a seat on the blue balcony for when that sky turns orange. Get here early before they're all nabbed, or grab a seat in the bay window. You're closer to the bar this way so the killer drinks can get to you faster. That's drinkers logic, baby. 

The cocktail menu is a mix of classics and twists, with a few names that might have your date blushing. Cast aside the awks and order a "Horny Pelican";  We dig the iced copper goblet it arrives in, with Standard Russian Vodka, Almond Liqueur and Aperol, with plenty of citrus to give it a smooth and sweet peck.  They've raised the game with their 'Galleroni"; turns out the greeks love adding apricot jam to their drinks and we are 100% down with it. It gives their mix of Bombay and Martini vermouth a thick, fruity layer which sticks to your lips like a gooey gloss, and if you want something cool and intense, try their slushy-style boozy fruit shots - Be like BarChick and order the one that tastes like a Bakewell Tart. Opa!

By Georgie Pursey


skarpa, Mikonos 846 00, Greece Mykonos Greece


Sunday 10:00 - 04:00
Monday 10:00 - 04:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 04:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 04:00
Thursday 10:00 - 04:00
Friday 10:00 - 04:00
Saturday 10:00 - 04:00



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