Maurepas Foods


It’s all happening in this little hood of New Orleans. The Bywater is where to go these days for the best food, drink and fun times, partly thanks to Maurepas. Maurepas, we thank you!

It’s a neigbourhood bar. Despite the Edison bulb chandeliers, reclaimed wood and modern art prints, it doesn’t feel pretentious. It’s about the vibe, the regulars and the stuff on the menu – robust, hearty, inventive and tasty. They name check their local farm suppliers on the menu, and the kitchen and bar here work together so you’ll see the same ingredients in both. If you want a cocktail suggestion for your meal, go ahead and ask.

We love this best as a brunch spot though, especially their Louisiana take on Eggs Benedict (pork shoulder, fried oysters, biscuit, hollandaise and pepper jelly = mouth melt). This city was the birthplace of the breakfast cocktail after all, and they have a list just for early hours drinking. The Supreme Leader (gin, carrot, green tomato and kimchi) will really sort you out. Maurepas is equal parts dining and drinking, but we highly recommend you do both.



3200 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA 70117, USA Tel: +1 504 267 0072


Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 12am (closed Weds) Fri & Sat: 10am - 12am



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