Heavy Woods


This is a one-stop shop for all the things you want in your mouth depending on what time of day you swing by. From 8am it’s a super cute café with amazing pastries and soul restoring coffee. Surrounded by exposed brick, reclaimed wood and friendly taxidermy, you can wake up gracefully. As 11am rolls around, Heavy Woods turns it up a notch with a mega cocktail list and over a dozen different beers on tap, including several local faves - starting around USD 4 a pint. Hell yes.

Hungry? New Orleans style long term pop-up Tchoup Shop is open Wednesday through Sunday, bringing a fabulous alternative to cooking at home. And if you time it right anything from Mad Men to Mighty Max might be on for your entertainment.

With ‘a major in whiskey, a minor in tequila and mezcal,’ we knew this would be up our street. The drinks are strong and the clientele is pretty easy on the eyes. Open until 4am, Heavy Woods is a great place to start the day; pre party before going into the city, end the night on the way home, or simply stay put through all of it.




50 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA Tel: +1 929 234 3500


Sunday 11:00 - 04:00
Monday 14:00 - 04:00
Tuesday 14:00 - 04:00
Wednesday 14:00 - 04:00
Thursday 14:00 - 04:00
Friday 14:00 - 04:00
Saturday 11:00 - 04:00



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