This tunnel of a bar seems to be dedicated to the memory of the Alphabet City of old with its graffitied walls, gritty vibe and no nonsense approach to drinking. Expect great vibes, great drinks and normally an impromptu dance party going on downstairs that’ll make you feel like it’s the 90s all over again.

It’s got musical credentials – Joey Ramone and Ryan Adams used to drink here and so did Joe Strummer (take a photo by his mural outside if you want to look like a tourist). As would be expected they play awesome tunes, usually off the bartenders’ ipods. Owned by promoter Johnny T and rocker Jesse Malin, who also have the Bowery Electric, Black Market and The Cabin Down Below. You would expect a fairly uniform cool crowd, but you get everyone: old timers with timeworn tattoos drinking Jameson on the rocks at the bar; the off duty bankers who now live in the East Village dancing to the indie soundtrack; and a gaggle of scenester kids drinking Frozen Margaritas and making out in the photo booth for party mementos. NB. They ID everyone on the door, even the grizzly old timers.



Niagara Falls, NY, USA Tel: +1 (212) 420 9517


Mon - Sun: 4pm - 4am


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