Beer Palace


The clue’s in the title: this place is drowning in different types of beer. Here there is no such thing as “I do not like beer”; you just haven’t tried the right one. This is the perfect spot for glugging a pint or 3 with your mates. The price is pretty steep, probably the most expensive beer in Oslo but you’ll forget about the money once you take your first sip. They know their beer, and their beer is good. Play some pool, darts, or BarChick’s favourite, backgammon. And if you drink a little too much and get the beer hunger pangs then order a pizza from Pizza Hut opposite. They have a deal with them meaning you can eat your cheesy goodness at the bar. Definitely avoid this place if you’re on a diet.



Holmens gate 3, 0250 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 22 83 71 55


Sunday 13:00 - 03:30
Monday 13:00 - 03:30
Tuesday 13:00 - 03:30
Wednesday 13:00 - 03:30
Thursday 13:00 - 03:30
Friday 13:00 - 03:30
Saturday 13:00 - 03:30



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