Stargate 9


If you’re on your way home and fancy getting lucky, head to Stargate, 9 times out of 10 you will get laid, mostly thanks to the unisex loos.

This place is usually the last stop for many people's nights out, from skaters, bums, gangsters, more vikings or the tourists who, like BarChick, have managed to stray from the standard Lonely Planet itinerary!

Don’t come here expecting anything fancy, stick to the beer, or fruit ciders, and ignore the smell of urine and sweat.

Pick a song on their rock and roll Juke Box; like most good things in life, this place is very much about what you what you make of it so look at the pros: free entry, cheap beer, music, and a roof over your head. The only thing you need to worry about is your wallet on the walk to the subway, but hey, this place is eastside innit!



Bogstadveien 27B, 0355 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 22041377


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