Hostal Corona


This hippy hideaway is easily missed as it’s tucked away down an unlit alley and a bit of a hike halfway up a hill. It’s renowned for the costumed chaos of epic proportions at their annual Halloween party but the remainder of the year sees Hostal Corona as chilled out and ibiza-esque as a place can get.

This walled patio and courtyard bar is filled with tanned, happy faces which seem to have never had a stressed time ever, (and if they have they forgot what that sh*t was all about ages ago).

Sink into one of the wicker armchairs surrounded by plants, palm trees, candles, lanterns and big drums with glowing fires while listening to their soundtrack of lazy / loungey / island / cool.

The bartenders match the chilled out vibe in friendliness and mix up a mean mojito and decent GinTonic served in a glass big enough to drown a small whale.

Perfect for if the past few days have been a late-night-athon of debaucheries or if you need to take the edge of a particularly hard day at the beach. A couple of the house mojito’s and a few rounds of backgammon later you’ll be so relaxed you’ll walk out of the place horizontally.



Carrer de Josep Villalonga, 22, 07014 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain Tel: +34 971 73 19 35


Mon - Sun: 6pm - 2:30am


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