Alto Vidigal


Only if you had died and gone to heaven would you get a view like the one you receive at sunrise in Alto Vidigal. This place is a favela party with a European twist. Unlike the ‘tour favela’ parties this one doesn’t play funke, and as a tourist you aren’t cattled into one side of the dance floor.

Here you are free to roam as you like and take in a little bit of the alternative side to Rio’s parties. It’s more of a Berlin squat with charm than a guesthouse; with a bar with comfy seating and trippy projections on the wall. After your moto (motorcycle) taxi ride to the top, get ready for one of the best parties in Rio.

The music varies from Brazilian disco to European house and the crowd is eclectic. Weird and wonderful hippies from all over the world dance with no shoes in the open air, staring down over blinking Ipanema and Copacabana. They even have a sleeping area encase you need some downtime before the main event (sunrise), so thoughtful.

The passion fruit Caipirinhas are the best in town and you can even get some munch in the form of a pizza, you’re going to need your strength after all. Make sure you check when the parties are on and buy tickets, its gets full quickly. One things for sure is if there’s a party at Alto Vidigal you will find BarChick next to the DJ… all night long.



R. Armando Almeida Lima, 2 - Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22452-030, Brazil Tel: +55 21 3322 3034


Monday 12:00 - 13:19
Sunday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday closed
Friday closed
Saturday closed


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