T Bar at Hotel Diplomat


BarChick likes a sightseeing mish as much as the next tourist in heels, but sometimes it can all get a bit much, ya know. Duck out of the hustle and bustle of Strandvägen, stick that long-lens in your bag, make your way to T-Bar at the Diplomat, and take a break.

Elegant, relaxed and sporting an impressive selection of hot-to-trot bartenders, we were sold before our Espresso Martini even hit the bar, damn. Infinitely friendly staff give off a welcoming vibe and your fellow boozers are a mixture of globe-trotting travellers and Gucci clad lotharios, probably attracted to the early evening champagne deals on offer.

Classic cocktails are served in sophisticated surroundings, so it’s easy to while away the hours in this luxurious joint. If you have an important dinner reservation, a curfew or any other annoyances, we suggest you keep an eye on your watch. If you don’t, well the night is your master and you’ll probably end up being kicked out at closing time like BarChick.




Strandvägen 7, C, 114 56 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46 8 459 68 02


Mon - Tues: 6.30am - 12am, Weds - Sat: 6.30am - 1am, Sun: 6.30am - 12am


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