Norma Jean


Norma Jean hangs out in the hippy neighborhood of Florentin, sitting pretty on the border, where Tel Aviv ends and the beautiful Jaffa begins. A whisky drinker’s heaven, you’ll find the largest selection Israel has to offer with over 160 types.

This is the perfect place for newbies to sample the dark stuff, the tasting menu requires minimum commitment and who knows, you might learn something new about yourself. There are five different paths to choose from Orkney to Islay (tastes from Scotland’s different areas), Staff Choice (a staff selection of their favourite whiskies), The Lost Islands (a taste from each of the Scottish Isles) and the Du Luxe (a flight through aged and prestige whiskies). BarChick went Du Luxe, obvs, and ended up having to get a deluxe taxi home…

If whisky isn’t your thing the bistro bar also offers an impressive range of unique beers. The food is great too; we recommend a big plate of it, to soften the blow.



Elifelet St 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Tel: +972 3 683 7383


Sunday 18:30 - 02:00
Monday 18:30 - 02:00
Tuesday 18:30 - 02:00
Wednesday 18:30 - 02:00
Thursday 18:30 - 02:00
Friday 18:30 - 02:00
Saturday 18:30 - 02:00



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