Sex Boutique


Sex Boutique is sexy, expensive and worth it. Located above a sex shop, decorated with erotic photos, served by only female bar staff and full of pretty people. There’s no sleaze, just tease here.

The lighting inside is dim with a clean design. A stripper pole sits suggestively in the corner, but there are no strippers, well, not unless you count BarChick after half a bottle of Hennessey, ahem.

There’s A Big… covered in colourful liquor bottles and the loos are the sexiest we’ve seen; straight out of Scarface check out the red-lighting and even a little coca tray on the side. It goes without saying that is the perfect place for a hen party or a suggestive first date. A huge doorman stands guard outside, but don’t worry the only thing he has beef with is the smoking ban and is there to warn you when the fag feds are coming, which leads to everyone just chucking them on the floor, classic.

If you work up an appetite on the pole, the pizza joint across the street will deliver to your seat, mega kudos. This place is a one-stop pop for naughtiness and who knows what you’ll end up going home with from the shop downstairs.



122 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv Tel: +972 3 544 4555


Mon - Sun: 7:30pm - 3am


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