Cactus Bar

Cactus Bar

Cactus Bar


This place is difficult to miss. Head down the side street next to Mama’s Schnitzel on the corner (the really sick kebab place, take note for later) and past the dudes selling buckets of booze (true story) and find yourself on Haas Rin beach, smack bang in the middle of Cactus.

Here it’s all about the hustle; hot bodies bump and grind on whatever they can find, on the benches, in the sand, in the sea…in the club, it’s hot stuff. Needless to say BarChick got low with a bucket swinging off each arm, it’s the look.
During full moon, Cactus Bar is open day, night and day again, so prepare to go hard.



146 Moo.6 Haad Rin, Baan Tai Koh Phangan, Thailand 84280 Tel: +66 77 375 075


Mon - Sun: 9pm - 6am


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