The ITALICUS Aperitivo Garden at The Coral Room

The ITALICUS Aperitivo Garden at The Coral Room

The ITALICUS Aperitivo Garden at The Coral Room


Swing by the Coral Room for a collection of cocktails as chic as an Italian Vogue cover shoot

If you're dreaming of sun-kissed Amalfi shores, Negronis at sundown & la dolce vita, fear not. Dreams do come true - & they come true in Bloomsbury.  Will it be the Italiano with ITALICUS, vermouth bianco, orange & elderflower tonic? Or maybe the May Day Spritz with ITALICUS, gin, apricot honey water & English sparkling wine? Hey, make it both baby, there's no rushing during aperitivo hour.

When you've got a bottle as beautiful as the turquoise stunner that is ITALICUS, you need a pretty epic location to match. Step forward The Coral Room. Is it one of the prettiest bars in London? It's got the hot pink walls, shimmering chandeliers & country house vibes that interior goals are made for. What's more, they've created a cute al fresco area that means you can enjoy a garden set up in the center of the city. Wicked.

Here's the 411 on ITALICUS - it's a 'rosolio'. The word 'rosolio' comes from the Latin 'ros solis', which translates as 'dew of the sun' & is a type of Italian liqueur derived from rose petals. Love it. ITALICUS also combines bergamot & lavender, making it a fragrant, floral Italian aperitif that takes you from sun up to sun down in spectacular sipping style. 

Stuck at your desk/can't leave the couch? There's also a bespoke cocktail delivery service available in the Bloomsbury area. The custom-designed ITALICUS delivery bike will be on-hand to cater for all Aperitivo needs, dropping off cocktails for local residents and businesses. Holidays are overrated - beautiful booze delivered on a bike is officially where it's at.

The ITALICUS Aperitivo Garden at The Coral Room will be open from Thursday to Saturday, from 6pm-9pm. 

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