Adam MacDonald






It all started at TGIF Melbourne! Then a stint in the US, then Greece, then to India, then to Norway. Set up a company called Liquid Engineers in Oslo, and then managed the bar at the ultra luxurious Rosewood London in Holborn! Now I'm the owner of Drink In a Box.


I once visited a bar in the Northern Territory, middle of the outback, that had a floor to ceiling chicken wire wall in front of the bar-top so when happy hour kicked off the bartenders weren't hit by broken bottles, bad language and drunken fists.  The bartenders were topless and called Skimpies.  Ahh the good old days. That's all class!!  But nowadays I'm on the Tequila and Mescal bandwagon with the rest of the bar community so La Perla in Covent Garden it is. The London Cocktail Club puts a smile on my face too. If a bar keeps it down and dirty, plays the music we all want to hear (but don't want to admit), and it gives me consistency, both from a drink perspective and from the personalities behind the wood, then I'm there!


This fluctuates more often than i'd like to admit... today, I'd say it's Adam Lahham's Martinez, he just made me one here at Rosewood.  Silky smooth texture on that beauty!

Bad ass barman/rock n roll moment?

I only get to pick one?  You know I wrote a book of these stories (with the help of some friends) called The Long Pour, right?  But to pick one bad ass moment?  Probably the moment I miraculously (and skillfully) seduced a young lady, escorted her to the liquor room, encouraged her to perfom an act of oral engagement, and then on returning to the bar ( a bar where we were encouraged to give free drinks to all hot chicks) I made her pay full price for the next cocktail she used for mouth wash!  Bad Ass or just an Ass... you be the judge!

Ever done it on a bar?

See above!  Or do you mean "done it on an actual bar top?" Hand on the peanut rail, straws stuck in the hair, head smacking against the beer taps??  Umm, guilty...

What's next for you?

Probably defending a smack across my head when my mum reads about the Liquor room incident!  Damn internet. After that though? I got a new bar to open back in Oslo!  Watch this space, the landscape of Scandinavian drinking is changing (thank GOD).

Best/worst chat up lines you've heard at a bar?

Best: Bartender hands over the bill to a guest... " just fill in the lines for me, tip there, total there, smiley face there and of course, phone number there!" Works a charm!!! Worst: Same line but said in the cold faced tone, of one Patrick Bateman.

Tell us a secret or something we don't know?

Kangaroos are delicious. Red wine sauce, lightly grilled.  Mmmmmm.

If you were to make a barchick cocktail, what would you put in it?

I'd call it "Not just a pretty skirt" and I'd outsource the magic of making it to Irish bartending legend Alan Kavanagh. Fair chance there will be some Hennessy in there, some Bacardi 8. Why not let's call it a Fish House Punch remix and be done with it!!

How do you like your Martini?

9 parts Martin Miller's, 2 parts Dolin Dry, 1 part Benedictine and give me some Olives.

What did you want to be as a kid?

Helicopter pilot, fireman, garbage man, Olympic basketballer, Olympic cyclist,  but I eventually settled on courtside announcer for the Chicago Bulls.  Turning 19 and starting as a bartender shattered so many of those childhood dreams!