Alan Sherwood

Where are you currently working? 

I am owner and bartender at Little Mercies in Crouch End, and I am also consulting on a project called Wilder at the Boundary Hotel.

Tell us something about the industry we might not know! 

I’ve not really been in the industry that long, about 4 years now, so you guys probably know a whole lot more than I do.

What is your favourite cocktail?

Most pink drinks, and if in doubt a Sazerac in bed.

Ever had a bad-ass/rock n roll bartending moment?

I think our first birthday party was pretty badass, but that was a huge joint effort! We had 8 guest bartenders work 1 hour each, one after the other, as well as doing our own birthday drinks. It was a pretty intense night, but utterly brilliant.

Where will we find you on your nights off?

Nights off I might be in the gym with my partner, cooking at home, dinner or drinks out. Normal human things.

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you be doing?

I used to own and run a design studio, and did that for about 10 years, so if I hadn’t left to do something in food and drink I would still be there.

What is your desert island bottle?

Balcones Baby Blue 

What is your hangover cure?

Orange juice, coffee and a bacon sandwich with a bottle's worth of brown sauce.

If you were gonna create a cocktail for BarChick, what would you make?

Some tequila highball type thing, long, easy and refreshing.