Ellie Raeside

Fresh from winning Jägermeister's Meister Hunter 2019 UK competition, where she mixed drinks like a rock star, Ellie is a bartender to watch for 2020.


Where are you currently working? 

I work at Tonic Bar in Edinburgh! 

Tell us something about the industry we might not know!

I admire people who are a plethora of fun facts - I am not one of these people! But I feel the hospitality industry is one of the most rewarding community’s I’ve been a part of. I’m sure everyone will agree on that so it’s not really news! But not just due to competition, its the support and encouragement that comes from everyone around you for just doing your job that is immense. 

What is your favourite cocktail? 

My favourite cocktail is an Amaretto Sour. I enjoy the balance of all kinds of sours but I love the sweetness of the amaretto.

Ever had a bad-ass/rock n roll bartending moment?

I’m still pretty fresh on the scene so winning the Jägermeister Meister Hunter comp is probably my most rock n roll moment yet. Although I do always feel badass when I manage to flame an orange peel successfully. It’s the little things!

Where will we find you on your nights off? 

On my nights off always enjoy being able to visit all the other amazing bars on my doorstep around Edinburgh. It’s a great community to spend time in! Failing that I’ll always take a chance to spend time with family and see my dogs! 

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t bartending I’d like to think I’d either be on a stage somewhere doing musicals or pantomimes ( I love pantos ).

What is your desert island bottle?

Glenfiddich 15 year old. It never fails! 

What is your hangover cure?

I definitely go through hangover phases. A constant I always need is an array of juice. Cola, orange juice, smoothies, slushes, I’ll take the lot! Then a lager shandy fixes all other wrongs and brings you straight back to life! 

If you were gonna create a cocktail for BarChick, what would you make?

I would make something pink and fluffy, which describes myself well. I’d go for whisky, sweet vermouth, grapefruit, orgeat & a little grenadine. Add some egg white and top with soda. Sweet, fresh and visually delicious!