Gabby Simonian

Who are ya? 

I’m Gabby - FKA (forgot which BarChick I was called?!) - a London transplant currently living the sunshine life in Brisbane, Australia. 

Where do you work / what do you do? 

By day I’m a Digital Business Analyst, by night/every other waking hour I’m hawking all the pretty things over at hey harlow ( 

What’s been your BarChick rock n roll moment / highlight? 

The impossible question! Far too many to call one out in particular, but I would like to retrospectively pat myself and Jennie on the back for somehow managing to make it into work from the Isle of White festival after overstaying to crack on in the Grand Marnier bar - it was pure luck that we made it in (and in one piece).  

 Favourite cocktail? 

Tommy’s Margarita, always. 

Best city in the world for a bar crawl? 

NEW YORK CITY – start at brunch and finish the next morning. It’s an extreme sport. 

You can teleport yourself to any bar in the world – where are you going for… 

A killer cocktail: 

Oriole, Farringdon.  

An all-day session: 

Right now it’s got to be Felon’s at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane, but the SW Londoner in me is screaming The Ship at the top of her lungs.  

Dancing on the tables: 

I’m far too uncoordinated to be dancing on tables…    

The way to this BarChick’s heart is… 

A Tasmanian Pinot and a tub of peanut butter - and/or anything caffeinated.  

When you rock up to the bar who are you hoping is behind it? 

Someone who would refuse to make a Cosmopolitan out of principle. 

You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re allowed one bottle… which one are you taking with you?

Something that could be savoured, and nothing too expensive because being stranded on a desert island probably doesn’t call for a pricey celebration. Let’s go with an averagely priced bottle of mescal just to make things fun.