Georgie Pursey



What’s your name and where do you come from?

I’m Georgie. I originally hail from West Berkshire but these days you’ll find me livin’ it up in Catford, down in South East London.

What’s your BarChick superpower? 

I have this extraordinary ability to remember odd facts, birthdays and special dates, so I’m an asset in any pub quiz. Get me on your team and that winner’s bar tab is ours. I also fancy myself a bit of a Pun Queen… I have a pun for everything. 

Where are you most likely to be spotted?

Sitting at the bar, getting my geek on and having a proper nosey at what’s going on behind it. Bartenders, prepare for me to ask questions about every bottle on your back-bar. I wanna know it all. And a cheeky taste always goes down well..

If in doubt, you order a…

Boulevardier. I bloody love a Negroni but I’m more of a whisky gal, so I reckon you can’t go wrong with this scotch twist. It’s a bit of me.

You can teleport yourself to any bar in the world – where are you going for:

A killer cocktail:

Get me to Amsterdam and to one of the outside tables at Tales & Spirits. The cocktails here are insane. I’m a sucker for some creative presentation and these guys nail it every time. The crew here have good chat, too. 

An all-day session:

San Francisco with a day-to-night itinerary planned by my favourite Anglo-American, Adam “Boots” Brogan – this guy always knows what’s going down across SFO and where to find the best cocktails throughout the day (and the best stomach liners in between).

Dancing on the tables:

If I’m letting loose, it’s definitely a shoes off sitch, so a dreamy beach bar where I can dance on the sand is my vibe. Motel Mexicola in Bali is all about free pouring tequila and huge pitchers of Sangria, and if you’re not throwing shapes on the bar, you’re not really doing it right… 

What’s the best way to this BarChick’s heart?

A f*cking massive bowl of big, juicy olives, plenty of salty macadamias... and keep 'em coming. Throw in a crisp sarnie from Homeboy if we’ve made it to the early hours and I’m yours. 

When you rock up to the bar who are you hoping is behind it?

In a dream world, it’d be Zac Efron wearing nothing but an apron, but he’s probably not as hot on mixing up a decent Old Fashioned so instead, it’s gotta be Joe Harper from The Savoy. His epic booze history lessons pair very well with one of his Martinis. This chap knows his stuff.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re allowed one bottle… which one are you taking with you?

I currently have my own cask of whisky maturing at the Bimber distillery in Acton... by September 2022, it'll give me about 30 bottles of epic London Single Malt, so if I can put off being stranded for a few years, it'll have to be one of those. 


Imagery by Jim Herrtage