Harry Gerakis

Who are ya, and are you currently working?

I am Harry Gerakis, currently splitting my time between running a consultancy and events company, Wet & Dry, and a roaming bar project called Loves At (collaborating with the legendary Ladies and Gents bar in Kentish Town) while spreading the good word of the one of a kind Greek spirit that is Metaxa as their Brand Ambassador for the UK.

Tell us something about the industry we might not know!

I would trust that you, more than anyone, know everything about the industry!

What’s the best thing about the drinks industry?

The community and camaraderie that supersedes any borders

What is your favourite cocktail and where’s your favourite place to order it?

Tommy’s at “Home Bar” made by the one and only Rasa!

Ever had a bad-ass/rock n roll bartending moment?

Yes but then I had to sign an NDA. Second to that, I would say every time I work with Russell Burgess (he made me say it … send help!)

Where will we find you on your nights off?

Currently at home but in the, not so distanced, past and future sitting on one of the barstools of all those amazing east London hangouts!

What’s your party trick?

I can talk history and politics faster than you say hi and make it entertaining. If that doesn’t work I’m pretty good at making Molotov cocktails.

What’s your favourite cocktail to make?

I always enjoy making a Martinez!

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you be doing?

Academia most probably…

What is your desert island bottle?

Metaxa 12* especially if the Island is on the Mediterranean

What is your hangover cure?

I have found that MORE alcohol always works for all the wrong reasons… but in a slightly “healthier” approach then Ramen seems to do the trick.

If you were gonna create a cocktail for BarChick, what would you make?

It’s either going to be a Martinez or a sidecar with Metaxa 12* and Cointreau.