Kate Malczewski

What’s your name and where do you come from? 

I’m Kate. I’m originally from Ohio, I spent my formative drinking years on the East Coast of the US, and now I’m a freelance journalist firmly planted in Brixton. 

What’s your BarChick superpower? 

I’m a self-professed drinks nerd and I love to write tasting notes. Pour me a glass of something, hand me a pen and paper, and I’m off to my mind palace of obscure adjectives and descriptors (promise I’m only bullsh*tting some of the time).

Where are you most likely to be spotted? 

More often than not, I’m hopping around the city trying new places for work (my job is clearly very strenuous). But when I’m off the clock, you’ll find me at The Shrub & Shutter in Brixton or Tayer + Elementary in Old Street.

If in doubt you order a…

Negroni – it’s nearly impossible to mess up and too easy to drink. Campari is magic. 

You can teleport yourself to any bar in the world – where are you going for…

A killer cocktail: 

No two ways about it, we’re going to Lyaness, I love that you can choose any of their insane ingredients and use it to put a spin on your favourite classic. I’ll kick things off with the Cereal Martini – I steadfastly believe more drinks should taste like bread.

An all-day sesh:

Bar Basso in Milan, because I pretty much want every hour to be aperitivo hour. Basso is where the slightly more sessionable Negroni Sbagliato was invented, so you know this place is legit. Plus I love its old-school vibes. Pastel-pink walls just make me happy, ya know? 

Dancing on the tables:

When it comes to late nights, I’m less of a dancing-on-the-tables kinda gal and more of a life-chats kinda gal. We’ll grab a seat at NYC’s Dear Irving at one of those luxurious booths tucked behind the beaded curtains and tell each other our grandest aspirations and deepest secrets, all while channelling Daisy Buchanan. 

What’s the best way to this BarChick’s heart? 

Take me out for sushi and whisper sweet nothings in my ear (about your favourite sake styles and their rice-polishing ratios, of course). A cocktail with an edible garnish is a good start, too – I’m partial to the blue cheese olive that graces the One Sip Martini at Tayer + Elementary.

When you rock up to the bar who are you hoping is behind it? 

Can I teleport the team from Fam to every bar I walk into? They’re the loveliest bunch and make consistently banging drinks off the cuff.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re allowed one bottle… which one are you taking with you? 

It’s gotta be Tamagawa Red Label, my go-to sake. Naturally, I plan on using my time on the island to perfect my open-fire cooking skills, and it’ll go great with all the fish I’ll be grilling.