Lyndon Higginson






The Liars Club


Portobello Star, it’s kinda easy, too easy not to like if that makes sense? I love it there. Elsewhere in the UK, the Liars Club is a pretty good bar… Tiki bars: Keko Moku, I ran that for a long time and it will always have a piece of my heart. Further afield El Batey in Puerto Rico. It’s a  f*cking cool bar covered in graffiti, really dark and dirty and dingy, a bar that you go to to drink and get drunk.


The drink I drink all the time is Rum and Ginger beer or give me a Mai Tai, Zombie anything Tiki…. I drink quite a lot behind the bar though and I can’t be drinking Zombies all night. My favourite Rum is VXO to go with my Ginger Beer.

Bad ass barman/rock n roll moment?

I’ve got many that I’m not gonna tell you! (shout from across the room “ You had sex in my shower”)… I did have sex in your shower. BC: With a barman? L: No it was above his bar….but I got told off for that.

Ever done it on a bar?

Do you know what….I actually haven’t.

What's next for you?

Another bar, another Liars club maybe but not in Manchester, further afield, maybe Leeds. BC: Come to London! L: London’s been pulling… BC: London would love you! L: I love London. I want to open a bar called “Tiki is dead” after the recent press about how it is… but it’s not! BC: It won’t ever be…

Best/worst chat up lines you've heard at a bar?

Music’s to loud to hear them in here. It’s normally someone just getting dragged to the toilets, which I think is the best and worst chat up line.

Tell us a secret or something we don't know?

Jake Burgers gay.

If you were to make a barchick cocktail, what would you put in it?

I’d make you anything you wanted darlin’.

How do you like your Martini?

I don’t drink Martinis.

What did you want to be as a kid?

Not a bartender! it was a f*cking long time ago, maybe an astronaut.