Rémi Garcia

Where are you currently working?

St James Bar - Sofitel London St James

Tell us something about the industry we might not know!  

Lots of people think that being bartender is an easy job and that you’re actually having a party and drinking during my shift or just chatting with guests on your shift. The reality is that we are actually doing all the above, but in an appropriate manner. Being bartender is like being a cocktail – way more complex and complicated that it looks like. At the St James bar you will find me behind the bar discussing mixology or any other of the moment topics, while at the same time creating you the most sophisticated cocktail in the simplest way to try to make it perfect. My motto is always “Life is too short to have bad cocktails”. 

What is your favourite cocktail?

I love drinking (on my nights off!) Bijou & Gin Dry Martini with a twist. When I am working I love discovering new flavours tailored for the person sitting in front of me

Ever had a bad-ass/rock n roll bartending moment? 

I somehow dropped one of our lovely Pina Coladas on a guests “very” expensive silk jacket and still managed to get £150 in tips!

Where will we find you on your nights off? 

The Connaught, Oriole, Three Sheets, Mr Fogg’s, Neighbourhood pubs 

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you be doing? 

Bartending – it’s been the way of my life as long as I can remember myself working. But, like so many people, when I was kid my crazy dream was to be a famous footballer. 

What is your desert island bottle?

Since the scenario of me being left on an island is rare to happen, I would love to pass the time with a very rare Macallan 50 years old… I will never get the chance to try it, so it might be a fantastic way for me to get through this experience. 

What is your hangover cure?

Spicy Bloody Mary or Old Fashioned… kidding! I have sparkling water with lime juice and a bunch of paracetamol!