Romain Krot




I'm from the south of France, in a city in between Avignon and Nîmes! A city where there is the best reggae fest in Europe. It's a city called Bagnols sur Cèze


I started at The Ritz in London, then in Australia where my idols are coming from! (The boys at Black Pearl where I've been bar backing and a place where I learnt so much just watching them working). Then back in France in the Experimental Cocktail Club with my mentor Michael Mas for 2 years ( I've never done as many cocktails as I was doing at the ECC) and then was managing the Little Red Door in the Marais. Now you'll find me at Meerkat Cocktail Safari in Athens.


My favourite bars are the Black pearl in Melbourne, the Artesian in London, and The Ballroom in Paris! That's venues where I feel welcome, they’re fun and I like the staff and their drinks.... so it can change next year... And yes Candelaria they've got an amazing selection of tequila and mezcals ...


At the moment my favorite drink would be a Hanky Panky..... And I like to play around it...

Bad ass barman/rock n roll moment?

When I started to blow fire with overproof rum to light tikis... Amazing but dangerous ! My moustache was starting to be on fire

Ever done it on a bar?

Do you mean if I had sex in a bar? Hmm yes! That was good but I wouldn't do it anymore, it's not clean enough for my healthy penis..

What's next for you?

I don't know... Give me some opportunity and I will think about it.. And in a few years opening my own bar... With staff that have the same ideal of greeting customers and making drinks.... A fun place

Best/worst chat up lines you've heard at a bar?

There is one of our regulars is coming everyday.. And he told us dirty story's about sex... It's fun for me but maybe not for the posh girls around him...

Tell us a secret or something we don't know?

Exclusive for you! One of the next drinks coming for the summer menu. Chaud Ananas: 50ml Plantation Original Dark Rum, 20ml St Raphaël Rouge, 25ml Velvet Falernum, 20ml Lime Juice, 5 drops of Jamaican Jerk Bitters, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, Muddled cucumber and pineapple Shake and single strain into a coupette. Bam you’ll have a fun time!

If you were to make a barchick cocktail, what would you put in it?

The Emmanuelle! Sexy movie in the 90's and now it's related to one of our sexy regulars called Emmanuelle who stared at me with a cute smile and asked me to make a drink. Overproof gin (Hayman's Royal Dock) Campari, lime juice, homemade berry syrup, egg white and lime bitter....

How do you like your Martini?

Extra dry with olives

What did you want to be as a kid?

A glass blower... and I visited one of the manufacturers! I saw all the noise and how they were sweating and I said... Hmmm no