Zacherie Cadex

Where are you currently working?

Henrietta Hotel (ECC Group) in Covent Garden

Tell us something about the industry we might not know!

Bartending is not only about making the cocktails, you have knowledge and preparation behind it. You need to be curious about it, discover new brands, new flavours to be on top of the wave and make every cocktail a memorable experience for the customer.

What is your favourite cocktail?

The Vieux Carre: Cognac, Rye Whisky, Red vermouth, Benedictine, Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters

Ever had a bad-ass/rock n roll bartending moment?

During the Miracle Pop up Bar this December at the Henrietta Hotel, we served between 350-450 drinks a night in a very Christmas-y spirit! Was rock’n’roll to see all the team working together to achieved it. It was crazy!

Where will be find you on your nights off?

You’ll find me trying the new cocktail bars in London and relaxing on those that already a statement to this industry. 

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you be doing?

I never thought about it as I always wanted to be a barman. Since I was a teenager I worked hard to be in this industry that I’m so passionate about. 

What is your desert island bottle?

I’ll take with me a “Compagnie des Indes Caroni 22 years old”

What is your hangover cure?

I always make some pancakes