Things we love:

This is probably the friendliest island in the world - AND it's the home of the Dark 'n Stormy and the Rum Swizzle. Both are epic, and the latter is potent: think Long Island Iced Tea but fruitier. YUM. You can rent an electric Twizzy car to get you to the beaches, and when you're there, the pink sands will blow your mind. The pastel houses are a 'grammer's dream. 

Things we wish we'd known:

This ISN'T the Caribbean. Don't make that mistake with the locals. The coffee is kinda sh*te. When eating out, you're gonna need to flex the plastic. A lot. When the weatherman says it's going to be thunderstorms all day, he means for an hour (unless it's hurricane season, then buckle in for a boozy hurricane party!). Fridays are the best happy hour days. The local buses are super easy to get around on - no need to taxi everywhere.