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We welcome you to the improved BarChick – the ultimate resource to fill you in about all things drinks, bars and the people behind them. Everywhere listed on the site is awesome in its own special way. It’s not just about fancy hotel bars selling fifty quid truffle Martinis, and it’s definitely not about your local Spoons curry night. We look for places with character, a bit of a story but ultimately the perfect day/night/week out. So, from Paris to Berlin, London to Miami, Hong Kong to New York (70 cities and counting)... look us up. We’re here to help you look cool and find a decent drink.

If you wanna chat about how you can work with us to create killer content, get hooked up with the best bars, judge competitions or take BarChick around the world with you (worth a shot) then holla. Email us:


Once a BarChick always a BarChick

Throughout the years we've had some badass BarChicks in our gang writing for us, drinking for us, working with us, repping us and spreading the love of BarChick. These days we're based in London and headed up by Hannah Grace Lodge. We're always looking for killer writers and bar flys to join in on the fun so if you fancy seeing your name in lights below get in touch.

Email us or slide into the DM's @barchickofficial