Things we love:

- Madrileño bartenders aren’t sticklers for the rules when it comes to serving size - serves are epic. - Botellón – that’s drinking in public plazas for those who don’t know. Not strictly legal, but we like it, as does everybody else. Summer party vibes. - Bar hopping like the locals. The game seems to be how many bars can you hit in one night out. - Tinto de verano is THE best summer drink. Think sangria but fresher and tastier.

Things we wish we'd known:

- When it comes to traditional Spanish places, the amount of napkins on the floor is a great measuring tool: the dirtier the floor, the better the place. - Leave the high heels at home. There’s a whole lotta cobblestone in this town. - Spaniards take bank holidays seriously, and by seriously we mean they shut up shop and party hard. Stock up on essentials and find yourself a fiesta.