The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse


A thoroughbred of a speakeasy with cocktails that are pure class in a glass

There's a hidden hotspot below ground in Bath and it's got cocktail lovers all in a flurry. We'd like to say Dark Horse is our subterranean secret, but if a place is practically booked out for two months solid that's hardly secretive, is it? Still, you can't deny the sense of in-the-know exclusivity you get when you head down the staircase into what looks like the cellar of one of the elegant Georgian Townhouses on cobbled Kingsmead Square.

Inside it's everything you could want from an epic speakeasy. Flickering candlelight & shadowy corners make this one sexy spot to get cosy with a date, or there are booths for 6 when you wanna plan misdeeds & adventures with your crew. It feels like a mix between a smugglers bolthole & a French aristocrat's den. Antique lamps, fireplaces, burgundy Chesterfields & curiosities decorating the walls means you're never gonna be short of a talking point. There's a f**k off huge eagle on the bar, for goodness sake. Run out of chat? Talk about that. Also, it's a warren of small rooms that link into each other, so it feels even more intimate.

But enough about the decor, cos although it's banging, the cocktails win in the awesome stakes. They change regularly + there are loads of twists on classics with inventive ingredients. Not sure what you're after? Chat to your server. They're seriously knowledgeable & obviously love what they do. Everything feels like it's been crafted with absolute care & skill. And the buzz of energy in the air makes you kinda feel like you're part of some cloak-and-dagger cocktail club. 

BarChick isn't one for placing bets, but we'd certainly put money on the Dark Horse showing other bars how it's done for a long time yet.

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