Bar National


Jounieh is famous for having one of the most stunning views in Lebanon, as the coast line curves around the bay with the mountains behind. At night, Bar National is one of the best places to experience it. Yet another of Beirut's famed rooftop bars, it's partially covered so it’s open all year round. While the bouncers can be arsey to say the least - they're just flexing their muscles really - it's already started to attract Lebanon's more attractive crowd. For those into their music, the DJs are a huge draw and heavy on the deep house. Even if dance music isn't your thing, then prop yourself at the bar, breathe in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings... and we're not just talking about the view.



Sea Side Rd, Lebanon Tel: +961 3 08 08 88


Tues - Sun: 6pm - 1.30am


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