If Beirut's winter drinking tends to take place on ground level, in the summer it moves up a notch into the skies… welcome Iris, one of the city's slickest rooftop bars. In the heart of Downtown, overlooking the glorious Mediterranean on one side and the city's renovated centre on the other, Iris is people watching central. Drawing in a more light-hearted, low key crowd than Sky Bar, you'll still see how Beirutis dress to impress. Nonetheless, Iris is still pretty chilled out and its refreshing greenery brightens up the concrete jungle below.

Sure, it doesn't come cheap, (height = money) so bring plastic. Whether you hit Iris for a full evening of debauchery with the late crowd, take a date for dinner, or head down early to enjoy one of Beirut's prime spots for sun downers, Iris is about as magic as it gets.



Beirut New Waterfront - Seaside Pavilion, Rooftop، Bayrut, Lebanon Tel: +961 3 090 936


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