Torino Express


Torino, another Gemmayzeh institution, is a hangout for some of the city's most interesting musicians and artists. Almost completely stark in décor, stone floors underneath an arched roof, coupled with bare, dim lighting create a cavernous atmosphere, redolent of some biker dive bar. Torino really feels like you’re drinking in a place designed purely for that purpose. An eclectic crowd, ranging from tortured souls, drinking away their sorrows to band members catching up pre or post gig, Torino represents the grittiness of Beirut's nightlife, who doesn’t like to get a little dirty sometimes? In a city where such stock is placed in appearances, Torino has gone the other way, taking pride in its simplicity. As such, it's a firm favourite of BarChick, as much for the crowd it draws, reminding us that Beirut is fast becoming one of the most creative cities around.



Gouraud, Bayrut, Lebanon Tel: +961 3 248606


Mon - Sun: 12pm - 3am


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