Rum Trader


Embrace your inner Marty McFly… you’re going back in time. With only a small plaque alerting you to its existence, Rum Trader is by no means a song and dance kind of bar. Ring the doorbell for entry and don’t be startled by the tuxedoed barman who greets you, they're a dapper lot here.

This small bar seats only 12, with stools at the bar and one singular table, so reservations here are essential. Get in, get intimate and be warmed by the old-fashioned lamps and vintage bar implements. This is the kinda haunt regulars chill at, so don't be surprised if everyone seems to know each other. 

Rum Trader specialises in rum (obvs)  plus some very decent gins, and the cocktail list covers all the classics. The twist is that the cocktails are made from spirits from Mr Schroeder (the owner)'s private stocks, many of which are not distilled anymore. He was one of the first rum importers to Germany, so you can expect some fine things in here. Drinks are made with precision and served in mismatched but ornate crystal glasses and 20s music enhances the old-world charm. We drank The Rum Gimlet and an Old fashioned and boy were they good. Dress well but blend in here, this place is seriously cool.

By Hannah Grace Lodge


Fasanenstraße 40, 10719 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49 30 8811 428‎


Monday 20:15 - 01:00
Tuesday 20:15 - 01:00
Wednesday 20:15 - 01:00
Thursday 20:15 - 01:00
Friday 20:15 - 01:00
Saturday 21:30 - 02:00
Sunday closed



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