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Casa Bristol

Casa Bristol


Italian tapas and high-calibre cocktails bringing La Dolce Vita to Bristol

Nestled by the Harbourside in Bristol is a home away from home - if your casa was the kinda place you could get Potato Ravioli with Lion’s Mane ragu or Pine Nut Panacotta. This is grade-A Italian fare but with minimal flounce - the focus here is on impeccable cooking, dynamic flavour combos and epic hospitality. The idea is to order a bunch of dishes for the table and get stuck in, and boy oh boy, you don’t have to tell BarChick twice. Our advice? Come for the super affordable Menu del Giorno. For only £30 you’ll get three courses of delicious fare - and when we say the gnocchi is mind-blowing, we absolutely mean it. 

The Casa crew really are keeping it the family - the Sanchez-Iglesias crew has been elevating the dining scene in Bristol for over 30 years now. Casa is right by the waterside, in a converted hospital about as far away from sterile white as you can imagine. Think warm natural-wood touches, pops of colour from vibrant artwork, and a bustling open kitchen. For sunnier days it has a cheeky little terrace to help you sink into La Dolce Vita, Brizzle style - with an aperitif or two, of course. 

Speaking of, it’s not just the impressive wine list that had BarChick swooning. The cocktails are also worth spending some time over. Their Martini was an absolute fave - crystal clear, it's the ultimate palate cleanser with a slightly savoury edge and came with a stuffed olive bobbing about like a sailboat on the harbour. For something that packs a sweet punch then start your meal with the rich, amber-hued Rum Negroni. We’re sure Bristol will have been visited by a pirate or two back in the day, and they sure as hell would’ve got on board with this cracker. Luckily, the menu is a treasure trove of other tasty delights, so plot your course for this beauty of a restaurant post-haste.

By Rebecca Milford


8, The General, Lower Guinea St, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6FU


Sunday - Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 17:00 – 23:00
Thursday - Saturday 12:00 – 15:00 , 17:00 – 23:00


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