The Harrison Speakeasy


The Harrison Speakeasy is a secret everyone knows, but only a few can actually get in. You either need to know the right people or book dinner at Nicky NY, the sushi restaurant up front, and hope they really like you. If you’re invited into the back, in short, say yes. This is the coolest bar in BA.

You’ll be escorted past the washrooms to a dusty wine cellar. An elegant French host will explain why this speakeasy exists, and ask you not to take any pictures to ruin the experience for others. Head through the vaulted door and welcome to the 1920s. We won’t ruin any surprises either, but this is a place of jaw-dropping to a live jazz soundtrack.

It’s all about the people behind the bar though. They’ll keep you glued to their moves throughout the night. The old newspaper style menu has nice creations like the Bonnie Rose (Absolut, apple and lemon juice, beets, red fruits, beaten egg whites and poppy seeds) or Malbec Style (Malbec, lemon juice, citrus, ginger, Angostura and berries). They nail any classic as well. When midnight strikes the whole bar toasts.



Malabia 1764, C1414DMJ CABA, Argentina


Tuesday 20:30 - 01:00
Wednesday 20:30 - 01:00
Thursday 20:30 - 01:00
Friday 20:30 - 02:00
Saturday 20:30 - 02:00
Sunday closed
Monday closed



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