99 Hanover Street


It’s pretty impressive when you enter this bad boy. Think big grand styled bar, stag heads, high ceilings, diamond shaped wine racks and large chandeliers. The lighting is sexy and dark, and red velvet curtains make it all the more smouldering. Sure, there are a few tacky elements, like a Red Bull fridge on the bar, coloured lights and a big TV showing cartoons which is bordered by a gold picture frame, but hey it’s a good place to drink so get over it.

The bar is well stocked and the menu has plenty to choose from. They make a good Margarita and the 42@99 was pretty good with 42BELOW Passion Fruit Vodka, Aperol, lemon and ginger ale. Take over a Chesterfield with some mates and settle in for the evening, the cool motown beats will get you in the mood and it’s always busy. Nice one.




99 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ, UK Tel: +44 13 1225 8200


Mon – Thu: 4pm –1am, Fri: 3pm –1am, Sat: 12pm –1pm, Sun: 6pm - 1am


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