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Chill La Dolce Vita vibes meet slick Italian Job charm

Slick, playful and achingly cool. Makes sense it's BarChick's vibe, right?

This modern Italian bar in the shadows of Edinburgh Castle has vintage Italian charm in double measures. Think retro Italiano vibes inspired by Campari and MARTINI. Blue leathers, red buttoned accents, exposed brickwork and marble tabletops beneath vintage photographs. The bar stretches from the window-fronted entrance to the lamp-lit corners at the back. If you're all about Amari, Bitters & Vermouths, we've found your mecca. 

The drinks are influenced by the Italian aperitivo style of drinking; think cruisin' down the Amalfi Coast in a convertible on your way to an afternoon sipping Negronis on a sun-drenched terrace. Bellissima! If a Martini is your jam, you'll love what they do with theirs. Dots of fresh green basil oil float on top of the base of O'ndina gin & 1757 Secco vermouth which has a subtle savoury smack from orange bitters, sea salt and blue cheese stuffed olive. The Rum 'n' Raisin Old Fashioned is rich, smooth and so good we hit them up for one of their bottles-to-go. 

With all their kick-ass aperitivos, you'll probably work up an appetite. Good news is the sharing platters are the bomb. Their cheese and cured meats are great, but have you heard of rum prunes and sherry tomatoes?! Mamma Mia!



By BarChick


49 Bread Street Edinburgh EH3 9AH Tel: 0131 285 6752


Monday to Thursday 4pm – 12am
Friday 4pm – 1am
Saturday 2pm – 1am
Sunday Closed


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