Experimental Beach Ibiza


Easy, breezy and a boat full of booze; the boys behind some of the world’s sexiest speakeasies have skulked out of the candle-lit shadows to bring us Experimental Beach Ibiza, boom.

Famed worldwide for their secretive style, entrances that are notoriously difficult to find, taxidermy and velvet, this joint embodies a new approach to interior design. The whitewashed terrace is as pristine as it is inviting and an old fishing boat has been fashioned into a bar, Mum would love it. Sun loungers are lined up in front of the pebble (boulder) beach and if you fancy a dip you’re going to need gladiator balance and agility to navigate these bad-boys. Back in the day, when this place was still C’ap Des Falco, BarChick made it into the ocean only to be stung on the face by a jellyfish, so ya know, be careful out there guys, cos they say you have to pee on it....

It goes without saying that cocktails here are bang on. We sipped on Pirate Putoka’s (Havana Rum, Citadelle Gin, Pierre Ferrand Cognac, fino Sherry, Angostura bitters, homemade orgeat, fresh lemon and orange juice) whilst two-stepping to reggae and electro beats. Et voila, speakeasy vibes in the sunshine, done.

Photo credit: Addie Chinn




Playa des Codolar Salinas, s/n, 07817 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain Tel: +34 6 6433 1269


Mon - Sun: 10am - 1am



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