Hello Mexico, in Liverpool. Maya - which is short for the Goddess of the Agave Plant ‘Mayahuel’ by the way - is located beneath the tiny, Mexican restaurant Lucha Libre. A giant neon cross alerts you to its existence and after one too many drinks the whole effect can be a little unnerving. Don’t worry; once you saddle up (literally, the stools are saddles) at the bar you’ll get over it. More ‘Day of the Dead’ than ‘wild, wild west’ this is not the place to parade your cowboy gear. Sorry, Jesse.

The word ‘dungeon’ springs to mind when describing this place, if it wasn’t for the rose petals in the candlelit walls, and the good-looking peeps this place would give BarChick the creeps. If you get a kick out of being ‘caged’ you’re in for a treat; large iron gates guard the opening to your own private, candlelit table, Jesus Christ. Check out the cabinet full of Mexican skulls and tequila but keep your nerve, Dia de Los Muertos is all about celebrating life rather than living in fear of death, try telling that to your hangover the next day. This really is a late night trip to the other side.

By Hannah Grace Lodge


96 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ, UK Tel: +44 151 329 0200


Sunday 18:00 - 03:00
Wednesday 18:00 - 03:00
Thursday 18:00 - 03:00
Friday 18:00 - 03:00
Saturday 18:00 - 03:00
Monday closed
Tuesday closed



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