OCTO at Amazonico


Aquatic interiors, lavish vibes and jaw-dropping cocktails - if Poseidon was having a party, it'd be here.

Channel your inner Little Mermaid cos you’re about to feel seriously Under The Sea in the grooviest way possible. However, instead of being in the deep blue ocean, OCTO is channelling the tropical, mystical allure of South America’s cenotes, and it’s one of the hottest invites in town. 

A cenote is an underground, water-filled chamber (which the Mayans would occasionally use as spots for sacrifice... crikey). Since the restaurant above is lavishly inspired by the Amazon, it makes perfect sense to descend into a green-lit cave of seashells, coral and shimmering aquatic interiors. Nope, that isn't an 'Octo'pical illusion, you really can see a ginormous golden octopus curled above the DJ decks. 

The cocktails are just as extraordinary - you can sip from a see-through puffer-fish, get tiki-tastic with The Rift cocktail (it contains wild seaweed bitters) or follow BarChick’s lead and go for the Jungle Juice which combines rum, mezcal, South American tea and pineapple, all served in an emerald goblet that could have come straight from Davy Jones' best glassware collection. Make sure to get involved in their bar snacks, cos trust us when we say the Peruvian corn cake with lobster & caviar makes a perfect accompaniment to your basement boozing. Budget-friendly it may not be, but for a chance to splash the cash then this is your place. 


By Rebecca Milford


10 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BR


Mon to Sat 12:00 - 01:00
Sunday 12:00 - 00:00



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