Chelsea's party central. Red trousers optional.

Uncle Bart has recently given his secret hideaway a bit of a re-vamp, and he's so proud of it he's added a portrait of himself as the crowning glory. It's out with the graffitied bar and in with the chintz wallpaper, antiques and stuffed animals to boot. This is one helluva sexy salon. You don’t expect to find a bar when you walk into a portered block of flats in Chelsea, especially one where the residents seem to be a mix of young professionals and high class hookers. Once you’ve found the pop-art wallpapered entrance, ring the bell, a peephole will slide open, and if the barman likes the look of you you’re in. Et voila, welcome to a wicked den of anything and everything.

The fancy dress box is where it’s at and it's now bursting with a hot new look; BarChick’s particularly fond of the leather lederhosen so don’t go nicking them. Drink shots from teacups, taste absinthe served over sugar cube and enjoy the novelty of being able to smoke in their garden (until 8 anyway). The bartenders aren't shy of a bit of experimentation, they've grown all sorts of herbs in the garden so get stuck into their herbaceous organic menu.

By BarChick


Chelsea Cloisters, Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3DW, UK South london Tel: +44 20 7581 3355


Sun - Tues: 6pm - 12am, Weds - Sat: 6pm - 1am



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