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Remy Savage is a man who has done a lot to shape London's bar scene. Now he's turning to shapes to name his kick-ass new bar, opening with his coconspirators Paul Lougrat and Maria Kontorravdis this week. That's right, this new joint is channelling some Elon Musk vibes with a symbolised name. Just look out for a yellow triangle, red square and blue circle above the door on Kingsland Road. That's when you'll know you've arrived.

Obviously, as much as Prince tried to make it a thing, shapes do not a name make, so it's to be known as Bauhaus to you and me. That's all down to inspiration for the place which comes from the functionalism and minimalism of the Bauhaus movement.  Time to hit up the mate with the Art History degree for a full low-down, while we stick to the deets of the bar.

As a trio with creativity running through their veins, Savage, Lougrat and Kontorravdis have chosen to explore the idea of "creativity through limitation" on the Bauhaus menu, using 20 bottles (and 20 bottles only) each chosen by blind tasting. These 20 bottles will build nine original creations and five or six twists on classics. The Bauhaus crew will be sharing every recipe they create over on their Insta if you wanna give them a go at home; and for those that wanna take their mixology seriously, they're gonna be running an “exchange student program” where anyone from anywhere in the world can work, learn and teach with the team for 3 months. Paid, of course.  

Oh and it has a late license. Very late, in fact. Once the COVID curfew is a distant memory (fingers crossed, y'all), you'll be able to keep on drinking in this dual-roomed 60-cover ground-floor bar til 5am. After the year we've all had, this is the place to make up for all that lost time.


Bauhaus AKA Yellow Triangle, Red Square, Blue Circle will be opening 10th December 2020.

By BarChick


232 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AX


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