The Jellied Eel

The Jellied Eel

The Jellied Eel


Time to brush on your Cockney Rhyming Slang cos bars don't get more East End than this

You won't Adam & Eve this, but there's a bar hidden in a Pie & Mash shop up in Walthamstow, and it's worth travelling to the end of the Vicky Line for. By day, it's a proper East End porcelain-walled Pie & Mash shop serving up all the East End faves, from Jellied Eels to Pie, Mash & Liquor (it's a traditional parsley sauce, FYI)... by night it turns into a rouge-lit bar serving up the kinda liquor we're more used to. 

Sit in the straight-back wooden benched booths and cast your mince pies over the cocktail menu. They've taken classics and given then a boost. The Dunes of the Cape has some serious Pina Colada vibes going down, while the Lower East Side takes Irish & US whiskey and makes it juicy with a splash of red wine. If you're Hank Marvin' there's plenty of small plates to tuck into, like croquetas with a sh*t load of fillings and crispy calamari with a pungent and delicious aioli. This is the kinda bar that'll 100% put a smile on ya boat race. 

By BarChick


Manze’s Pie & Mash Shop, 76 High St, Walthamstow, London E17 7LD


Friday & Saturday 7pm - Midnight


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