Rooftop Bar


An epic view well worth conquering seven flights of stairs for. Elderly relatives may want to sit this one out.

Unquestionably one of Melbourne’s best open-air bars, Rooftop Bar is perfect for a warm summer afternoon… catch some breeze on a stifling hot day. The Astro-Turf and quirky mismatched chairs make the place casually industrial, while the big, eclectic groups of people make it infinitely colorful. Don’t be surprised to see suits standing next to pink-haired pin up girls all vying for a spot at the bar.

If you get hungry, burgers, fries and wraps will sort you out, or you can easily get MissChu to deliver her famous Vietnamese rice paper wraps.

During the summer months, screenings of cult, indie and classic movies will keep you entertained… with a couple of art documentaries for good measure. Date night vibes.



7, Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Tel: +61 3 9654 5394


Sunday 11:00 - 01:00
Monday 11:00 - 01:00
Tuesday 11:00 - 01:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 01:00
Thursday 11:00 - 01:00
Friday 11:00 - 01:00
Saturday 11:00 - 01:00



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