Bao's Bar

Bao's Bar

Bao's Bar


If you go to Mykonos and don't spend your evenings gazing at the sunset, you're doing it wrong...

Everyone looks banging at golden hour, and staring directly into the ball of fire in the sky as it gradually turns a shade of blood orange is as much a staple of island life here as eating endless bowls of olives and trying to find the perfect embroidered kaftan that'll complement the white aesthetic of the streets in your insta post. And cocktails go hand-in-hand with this, obvs.

Once you've navigated the bendy, winding white cobbled streets of Mykonos Old Town (you'll prob find that kaftan around these parts) you'll reach the waterfront. It's a stretch of buildings with blue balconies, all crowded against each other like thirsty punters trying to get served at a bar. And the sea. The sea is literally right there. Don't wear your best shoes - there's no way of avoiding the splash zone as you walk along the front where the bars are waiting for you. There're loads to choose from, but Bao's Bar was a BarChick fave. The soundtrack provided by one bad-ass violinist who has a never-ending repertoire of bangers which she gives a string twist was the clincher. You know us, we love a twist on a classic.

Speaking of which, the cocktails are as distracting as the backdrop and its a wicked menu of twisted old-timers.  Chances are your cocktail will arrive looking like Carmen Miranda with a crown of large cuts of fruit teetering on the rim. Nibble through those and crack on with the drink itself. When it comes to sundowners, we found the spicy blend of Tequila, grapefruit juice and chilli ticked all our boxes for a saucy start to the night.

By Hannah Grace Lodge


Lamprou Katsoni 1, Mikonos 846 00, Greece Mykonos


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