Lab Club


At the end of Rua Augusta is Lab club, it’s all grimey and sweaty and the kind of place you’d find in the darker corners of East London. In the first room you’ll find the main bar, which is slightly more chilled than the basement (but not much), there’s still a DJ and crazy dancing.

The drinks menu is strange (to say the least) especially Lab Extreme which is of the molecular variety. We drank the scary sounding Skull Margarita and then Jameson with green apple, which were basically just like vodka jellies (strong with a weird texture, but still quite fun and silly)… best stick to beer or Caiprinha we think. Head downstairs to really get the party started. LED lights and low ceilings… needless to say this is a great place to pull.

Throughout the week this club hosts various nights each with its own crowd. You’ll always meet a few characters here, and the tech and house nights are a sure win for those like BarChick who like to dance the night away whatever state they’re in.



R. Augusta, 523 - Consolação, São Paulo - SP, Brazil Tel: +55 11 3159 1745


Tuesday 23:00 - 06:00
Friday 23:00 - 06:00
Saturday 23:00 - 06:00
Sunday closed
Monday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday closed



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