The Little Yellow Door

The Little Yellow Door


Rock up to the new permanent residence of The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill, and it's like rocking up to one of your mate's pads. If one of your mates has a f*ck loada cash and some killer interior design instinct. Just like in American sitcoms, set aside that basic human instinct of politeness and head on in. No need to knock, just make yourself at home, babe. But keep your feet of the sofa though, yeh? We're not animals. It really is like walking into someone's gaff. We're talking mismatched photo-frames filled with group pics and more throw-cushions than is ever at all necessary. It's about as authentic as it gets. It's even got a kitchen with an adult "home bar" to rival even BarChick's collection.

Hit up their "sh*t hot tipples" menu for a taste of "the flatmate's" secret stash of fine booze, straight outta a decanter.  They're all a bit on the strong side which is how we like 'em: Y Tu Mama Bien is a Patron Silver, Quiquiruqui Mezcal, agave & rosemary mix. Knock-out. And the Casino Royale is what a decent card player might call a bloody strong hand: Grey Goose vodka, Botanist gin, Lillet & Caperberry. Bam! Want something really experimental?  It's all about that Detox/Retox with the aptly named The Hangover. It's a "body purifying" breakfast tipple which packs one helluva punch to get you back in balance. Chlorophyll is the latest superfood buzzword & the star of this serve. Find it on their Saturday brunch menu with Botanist gin, elderflower, egg white, mint & chlorophyll perfume. You get more than just a booze buzz, baby.

By BarChick


6-8 All Saints Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 1HH, UK


Wednesdays + Thursdays 6pm - 1am
Fridays 6pm - 2am
Saturdays 12pm - 2am



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