If this converted chapel once housed Christ it sure as hell doesn’t now. This place has seen more naughtiness than Charlie Sheen’s defence lawyer, and BarChick loves it. Owned by the slightly notorious Pinches brothers, people have been getting crunk here for years.

Arrive at the affectionately dubbed FannySlappers at around midnight and join the queue full of scantily clad girls and the occasional group of guys. If like BarChick you’re not really into queuing you’ll want to make sure you look hot, the doormen are easily charmed so be prepared to work it.

There are three bars to choose from plus a downstairs R&B cave known as The Crypt (yes it’s as sick as it sounds.) This is the place to go if you’re feeling like it’s your milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard. If you can’t find BarChick here then she can usually be found cooling off in the colossal garden out front, it’s the perfect place to watch the misdemeanour unfold. Open til 4am it’s go hard or go home with this one.




Trinity St, Worcester WR1 2PW, UK Tel: +44 1 9052 6878


Monday 23:30 - 03:00
Thursday 23:30 - 03:00
Friday 23:30 - 03:30
Saturday 23:30 - 04:00
Sunday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed



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