8 DIY Dinners From Your Fave Restaurants to Make This Evening

...and we've paired them with cocktails, naturally.

Pesto pasta four nights in a row? That was for lockdown #1 my friend. You've now evolved & levelled up those chef skills, right? And okay, you might not be a regular Nigella or Gordon but no worries - these delivery kits give you the chance to flex your culinary muscles & create epic dishes even if your usual tour de force is cheese on toast.


If you're lusting after Levantine-inspired dishes then look no longer. CERU is saving the day with a series of restaurant-standard meals that will transport you to the exotic souks, bazaars and riads of the Middle East. Hey, if we can't hop over to sun-soaked Cyprus or the lure of magical Isreal then we'll eat our way there, right? The luxury range includes four options: chicken shish, beef fillet, a vegan version and (our fave) - the roast lamb shoulder studded with pistachio and pomegranate. The sides are insane (Zucchini & Feta Fritters with lemon hummus, YAS) and there is minimal prep or cooking needed. So you can kick back with a cocktail and look forward to diving in within half an hour. The cherry on the Baklava is how each of the food parcels arrives: each in eco-friendly packaging with a slick silk cloth that doubles as a headscarf. We're all for looking chic as we stuff our face.

Priced from £40-£60, order nationwide here: www.cerurestaurants.com/cook-at-home-kits

We're pairing with: Something fresh, fragrant & fruity is what we're after, so the Bergameister from Mark's Bar at Home works a treat. Plymouth gin, fresh lemon, rhubarb, bergamot and vanilla all combine in a buff & bright cocktail ideal for pre-dinner sipping. It comes from the collection by Mark Hix which is delivering his A-quality drinks to your living room. Hix hix hooray.

Order from: https://www.cocktailmarket.co.uk/pages/mark-hix


All other meal delivery kits might as well bao out now, right? If you've been missing those plump, pillowy buns then no worries hun, they're about to find their way to your door. Flesh & Buns have proven themselves to be one of the most kickass spots to grab Izayake-style snackage in London, and there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy these finger-licking treats in lockdown. The bao kit contains everything you need to recreate Flesh and Buns' signature crispy piglet belly buns at home, including 6 buns, piglet belly, pickled apples, karashi miso and shiso leaves. This little piggy stayed indoors feasting to protect the NHS, yeah?

Each kit serves 2 and is priced at £27.50, or £35 including a bamboo bun steamer. The kits are available seven days a week from Restaurant Kits, for delivery 2 days after ordering.

We're pairing with: The Picante from Lockdown Liquor Co. It's got a kick of chilli spice, the smooth agave is ace with pork, and the lime cuts through the fattiness of the meat. Oh yeah, and it's a party in your mouth via tequila. Count us in

Berber & Q Cauliflower Shawarma kit

Whether you've been donning the V plates all of lockdown, or are just keen to get a bit of delicious vegan good into you, then we have the kit you need. Berber & Q are known for bringing epic flavours of the Middle East to your plate and now they've partnered with Restaurant Kits to get the goodness into your home. Their Cauliflower Shawarma kit is a wicked feast consisting of a whole cauliflower to roast in shawarma spiced butter, topped off with tehina, green chilli, pine nuts, pomegranate & rose petals. Seriously, the fragrance when you open those little pots... it's like being transported to a bustling souk or vibrant bazaar. Scent-setional. And luckily it tastes as good as it smells - especially when combined with the hummus + warm pitta. 

Price £27 (serves 3) from Restaurant Kits.

We're pairing with: A meal with as much flavour as this one needs a cocktail that can pack a punch, and the Lost & Found #2 from MAP Lab does the trick perfectly. The mixologist at MAP Maison teamed up with Macallan to create this particular stunner. It's got a raisin richness from Pedro Ximénez & the Macallan Double Cask 12 year-old whisky is like liquid gold with each sip. What's more, it's been aged in oak barrels. The combo brings out the sweetness of pomegranate & nuttiness of tehina and, quite frankly, it's a match made in heaven.

Order yours from MAP Lab here


Found yourself pining for Pad Thai during the last lockdown? Fear not - queen of Thai food Saiphin Moore is giving you her secret recipe for making this best-selling dish in your own kitchen. Rosa's Thai Cafe has just launched Pad Thai at-home kits, with everything you need to recreate the authentic taste of Thailand (little fact - it's 75 years since this became Thailand's national dish). There's eve a step-by-step cookalong video, hosted by Saiphin. Rosa's Thai Cafe has sold over 1.4 million Pad Thai dishes since they opened, so yeah, you could say she's had practice...

Priced at £40, the kits serve 4 and are delivered nationally, on Fridays. The kits are available to order from Great Food 2 U here.

We're pairing with: We always find the sweet sauce of Pad Thai is epic alongside a sharp citrus kick, so the Cape Verde from Oriole is ideal. Made with Tanqueray, Buchu port, pink grapefruit liqueur and fresh lime juice, it's served with a mixer of London Essence Pomelo and pink pepper tonic and garnished with dried grapefruit. 

Order cocktails from Oriole at speakeasyathome.co.uk.


Missing your regular Hawksmoor blow-out? While your waist-line might be appreciating the lack of bone marrow you've been consuming of late, your tastebuds are hankering after a hunk of Hawksmoor ribeye. Well, buckle up arteries - the steaks have been raised in the home-cookery category! Each box contains enough food to almost guarantee a food coma... the cuts change regularly but as well as steak you get Ultimate oven chips (if you know, you know), creamed spinach, bone marrow & Maderia jus (for making Bone marrow gravy), a large sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream, as well as 2 lagers, 2 cocktails & a bottle of wine. Be still our beating, albeit slightly clogged, hearts.

Priced at £125 with drinks and £85 without, boxes are delivered nationwide on Thursdays or Fridays. More info here.

We're pairing with: Uh... did you not hear what you get in the box?! If you are having a blow out (& hey, 2020 deserves it) then we recommend getting on the Martinis to kick things off with a bang. Untitled bar are now delivering their awesome Martinis - choose from the Dirty Martini, the Dry Martini (gin or vodka) or the Marsala Martini. Or hey, order all 4 here. Sounds like you're really going for it after all...

Untiled cocktails are available here

The Cinnamon Club

While there's no such thing as 'too much Indian takeaway' sometimes it's nice to add a bit of a curveball to your usual korma. Why not enjoy all the taste of an authentic Indian meal, only you've made it yourself - with a little help from the master Vivek Singh. There are 3 options depending on just what kinda lockdown party you're having, but The Four Course At Home Feast includes bhel papdi chaat, stir-fried Madras shrimps with curry leaf and black pepper; and lamb shank Roganjosh, all complete with biryani rice, Burhani raita with chilli and garlic and 24-hour simmered black lentils. And to add a bit of festive fun to the occasion Vivek also chucked in his famous garam masala Christmas pudding and warming nutmeg custard. 

The Four Course At Home Feast is £50 per person, delivered nationwide. More info here

We're pairing with: We reckon this indulgent Indian feast would be cracking when combined with the bright & savoury Onyx Negroni from Lyaness. Ah, one can dream. But wait! You don't have to! The award-winning bar is now delivering bottled versions of five of its most popular serves for the duration of lockdown. We'd be Lyan if we said we weren't gonna order all 5... 

Prices start from £13 and be can be ordered from 2pm-10pm Monday to Friday and 1pm-10pm on weekends – order here.

Chotto at Home

If the thought of trying your hand at making Black Cod with Chili Miso Marinade in your tiny Hackney kitchen would usually send shivers down your spine then fear not - Chotto at Home is here to help you create insane restaurant-quality dishes with no need for panic. Designed for anyone looking to cook epic dishes in the comfort of their casa, this kit includes five of the restaurant's hero dishes, including the iconic Padron Peppers and 'Asado De Tira' Slow Cooked BBQ Beef. One to crack out when you really wanna impress. 

Priced at £60 for 2 people. Available nationwide here.

We're pairing with: If you're going fancy then why stop at your food? You can now order pimping cocktails from one of London's most inventive bars, Nightjar. The Tia Juana is made with Montelobos Mezcal, avocado leaf infusion, Martini Rubino El Jimador Tequila, Smokey Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Gagliardo Bitter Radicale, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, Vaporised CBD and bacon peanuts to garnish. We'd like to see you try making that one at home. 

Order cocktails from Night Jar at speakeasyathome.co.uk.

Home by Nico

If you hit up the incredible Six By Nico then you'll know that this guy is one to watch when it comes to kitchen superstars. Now he's helping you work the magic in your own home. If six dishes is a little daunting then relax cos the at-home DIY edition is a very manageable 4 courses. It still follows a similar format to the Six by Nico restaurants with an ever-changing menu, themed around memories or places. The first box is based on Bangkok & the Thai street food menu will transport you straight into the bustling heart of Thailand's colorful street stalls and markets - from creamy curries and spicy stir fries, to classic dishes that combine the hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours of Thai cuisine. Banging. 

Each two person menu with wine is priced at £60 including delivery across the UK and available to buy from HOME-X.

We're pairing with: Really get into that holiday mode of hot tropical nights by ordering the Champagne Pina Colada from Coupette. The highly-acclaimed bar has gone online to give lockdown Londoners the chance to drink their inventive menu from their couch - and they've included this much-loved signature serve, thank god. 

Order cocktails from coupette.drinks-at-home.com